Target is my gluten-free mecca!

I’m always on the search for gluten-free goodies but sadly am often disappointed by the options available. Trader Joe’s has a decent selection, but they are too far away from my house. I’m a bit morally opposed to Whole Foods (long story for another time) AND they are far away, so I’m not sure about their selection. Kroger segregates all the gluten-free products to a very small aisle and you have to search for it. The best store as far as identifying their gluten-free products is Harris Teeter; almost every GF product is labelled with a bright green tag that sticks off the shelf so it can be seen easily. It makes it easy on my husband when he is responsible for the shopping. Regardless, finding good gluten-free options generally requires a little legwork if you’re looking for anything away from the perimeter of the store. 

Today, on my way home, I happened by my local Target to get some pet food and to pick up a few essentials. I wasn’t feeling well (I tweaked my back at work today and it is S.O.R.E.) so I wanted to make it in and out quickly. I have purchased my gluten-free baking needs there before and knew that they had some good options. As I walked around beyond the baking aisle, almost every aisle had a selection of gluten-free options! They had pastas, snacks, crackers, chips, and a host of other goodies. Even take-and-bake chocolate chip cookies! I normally don’t get a lot of snack foods, but I couldn’t resist trying a few of them out. I knew that their baking section was the best around, but I had never taken the time to really check out what else was available. Despite my aching back, I spent a little longer than I should have and bought a little more than I needed to. 

gluten free goodies

My awesome take from Target!

As I checked out with my (hopefully) tasty purchases, I flagged down a manager to praise her for the amazing selection of gluten-free goods. I know that it’s not her decision on what to stock, especially at a place like Target, but I believe in celebrating a job well done. And that was certainly a job well done. I’ve never been a Target grocery shopper, but I certainly am now.

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