Walking Away and Starting Over

Starting Over

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who loved to help others. She loved sharing knowledge, and she loved books. She knew from the start that she was meant to be a teacher. So, when she went off to college, she declared her major as “Secondary English Education,” and she never looked back.

After she graduated (with honors, of course!), she spent the next 12 years working in middle school and college classes, teaching reading and writing and speaking. She worked in low-income, rural, public schools and wealthy, elitist private schools. She worked with amazing teachers who taught her what to do, and she worked with some real duds who showed her what not to do. She met students who changed her life, challenging her beliefs and opinions. She met students who broke her heart, filling her heart with worry and sadness. She met students who made her laugh, cracking her up every day with their antics.

Her years of teaching were filled with extreme highs and low lows. She felt feelings of pride that she had never felt before as well as periods of helplessness and frustration that were beyond anything she had felt before. She spent many of her days feeling that, despite the difficulties, she was actually making a difference in the world. She felt satisfied and content with her contributions to the world.

Until one day she didn’t.

The feelings of frustration and helplessness were soon more frequent than those feelings of pride that had propelled her before. She soon felt like she was wearing shoes that were one size too small, pinching at her toes and heels every day until she went home and kicked them off for her comfy flip flops. She suddenly felt lost. She had spent her whole life working towards something that no longer seemed to fit her any longer.

So she made a change. One June morning, after saying goodbye to her students and colleagues and packing up her classroom and shedding a few tears, she put the last few boxes into her trunk, slammed the lid down, and drove away. And as her wheels kicked up a cloud of dust, she didn’t look back.

Thirty-three years of being just that one thing were officially over. It was time to start a new adventure and explore new opportunities in her life. There were bound to be pitfalls and challenges as she set out on her new path, but she was facing them with courage and determination. No one knew what would happen or how her life would turn out, but she was going to find a way to figure it out and make it work.

And she did.

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