Shifting Gears into Healthy Living

Anyone who knows me knows that I love food. And I hate exercise. For me, exercise has always been a slow, painful torture that left me exhausted, overheated, and ready to eat everything I could see. Luckily, I’m tall (6’ since 8th grade, yo!) so I can carry a lot more weight than is healthy without anyone noticing. According to all the doctors’ charts and BMI scales, I should weigh about 175. But, even at my thinnest, I’ve never weighed less than 178. And maintaining that weight for any period of time meant working out everyday and never getting to eat the things I truly wanted to. One-seventy-eight may have been “healthy,” but it certainly wasn’t happy.

So, for the last few years, I’ve said “eff it.” I got married, started a new job, had a baby, started a different job, and lived happily. Eating what I want, when I wanted. And living a pretty sedentary lifestyle. I resigned myself to being overweight by 25 pounds or so as long as I didn’t go up a dress size.

Until one day something truly horrific happened.

I was getting dressed, and I realized that my underwear was too tight. They hadn’t shrunk, and I hadn’t bought the wrong size. They were tight because I was getting heavier. And that, my friends, is not ok. I was fine concealing my weight under my clothes, but buying the next size up in underwear? Not gonna happen!

So I decided to make some changes. About a month ago, I started paying attention. Eating much more carefully and working out more regularly. You see, I know a lot about women’s health and fitness. I know all of the things I should be doing to be healthy. I’ve done them off and on throughout the years, but I always ended up finding something else to do instead. I was being lazy and comfortable, but that time had come to an end. It was time to be a healthier me for myself. For my husband. For my son.

Since the beginning, this blog has been focused on the ins-and-outs of my life. Gluten-free recipes, motherhood, working remotely, general observations on the world. But starting today, I’ll be adding a new focus: Healthy living.

What you can expect: my favorite recipes and workout tips. My struggles and triumphs. My frustrations and laughable moments.

What you won’t find here: judgement and ridicule. Sweeping statements about “how easy it is!” or how “anyone can do it!” I know the struggle of balancing life and being healthy, and that balance is different for everyone. What may seem simple for me may be daunting for you. But I’ll share everything. Including my BEFORE picture (that’ll come later this week when I finally work up the nerve!).

If you’re interested in following along on my journey, you can find me in all the usual places:

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