Seven reasons to exercise

exercise reasons

Everyone has their own reasons to exercise. Some want to get ripped. Some want to get thin. Some want to increase endurance. Whatever reason you have for getting moving is a good one. 

I exercise because …

I like to eat. A lot. And generally food that isn’t all that good for me. Burning extra calories makes me feel less guilty about enjoying the foods that I love.

I’m a better mom. I’m setting a positive example of being active for my son. I want him to grow up seeing the importance of staying active because he comes from a family that errs on the heavy side. 

I’m a happier person. People have made comments about my attitude chance. Hey, exercise endorphins make you happy. It’s science.

I sleep better. Again, science. As a person who has always struggled with getting a good night’s rest, this is key. I’ve never slept so well so consistently. 

I’m a better wife. Because I’m happier, I’m more patient. And tolerant of his antics. And I feel more attractive which helps make everything better.

I have more energy. I’m getting shit done, people. Science, y’all.

I’m a better me. All of these factors make me a better version of me. And that’s reason enough.

I’ll be honest. All of these reasons weren’t apparent right away when I started exercising regularly. It took a few days and a few weeks for some of these benefits to reveal themselves, but, now that regular exercise is a part of my daily routine, going a day without something as simple as a good walk makes me antsy. Makes me feel restless and out of sorts. Daily movement has become a consistent part of my life, and I like it. It’s quickly become a part of who I am, and that me is better for it. 

Why do you keep moving? Share your motivation in the comments!

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