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I love to review and share any great products/books that I try. I’m honest, but objective. If you’d like to feature your product/book here, please contact me and we can work something out. I don’t currently accept direct compensation, but a fair trade of goods is always welcome!

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I’ve been a writer since I was five (Seriously. I have my first book to prove it. It’s about penguins.), and I love to fill this blog with memories and daily happenings and observations. I would love to add to any projects – blogs, websites, and magazines – that you are working on.  Contact me if you are interested. I love to participate in new and exciting projects! 


This blog is an amalgam of things I love, things I observe, things I experience, things I remember, and things I believe in. Because of this, unless otherwise stated, all opinions are completely my own without endorsement or compensation. I don’t claim to be a doctor or medical professional, and any health advice I offer is purely from my own experiences. You should always consult a doctor before significantly changing your diet or exercise routine. I believe in sharing the good and the bad of everything – life, love, food, you name it – so I make every effort to be honest and upfront. Even if that means sharing embarrassing stories and/or images of myself. I don’t share products/books/experiences that I don’t personally believe in. But, if I believe in it, I’m eager to share!

All views expressed on this blog are mine, and mine alone. They are not representative of my employer(s) or collaborative partner(s). 

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