Making Changes

It’s time to make some changes, y’all.

I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve been a bad eater. I’ve been a bad exerciser. I’ve been just all-around bad.

They (whoever “they” is) always say that there’s no time like the present, so it’s time to kick my rear in gear and start living my life how I should be living it.

First and foremost, the blogging issue. I love my blog. I’ve spent significant time and energy over the last decade crafting and designing and nurturing and loving it. Would I like my blog to be amazing enough that I never have to work again? Of course! Do I think that’s a reality? Of course not! But blogging still brings me joy and an outlet for expression, so I keep it up. And, as of late, I’ve been doing a pretty piss-poor job of that.

I’ve done monthly challenges in the past, and they always work to get me writing. But, at the end of the month, I tend to taper off my efforts and go back to being a bad blogger. So, instead of committing to a month-long challenge, I’m going for a year-long challenge of posting once a week. That’s a more ideal and realistic approach to it all anyway. When I found this 52 Week Gratitude Challenge from Local Adventurer, I instantly knew it was a good fit. I need to be more gracious and thankful for all of the blessings I have been given AND I want to be a better blogger, so this challenge is the perfect melding of thost wants and needs.

Courtesy of Local Adventurer

Next, the eating issue. I was supposed to be on a diet for the last 11 weeks. Key phrase is supposed to be. I started off the 11 weeks really strong, but then I started travelling for work and eating out too much and now I’m back to where I started 11 weeks ago. My biggest issue is sugar and sweets. I live for them. I mean, LIVE for them. I can eat healthy all day long, but, when it comes to post-dinner evening relaxing, I want nothing more than to eat anything and everything sweet. Ice cream. Cake. Brownies. Candy. Frosting straight from the jar. Whatevs.

I also have had a sudden and swift return of my celiac symptoms. From the beginning of my pregnancy with James until this past Wednesday, I had been granted a reprieve from all things celiac. This happens during pregnancy, and, when my symptoms didn’t return while I was breastfeeding and after, I figured I was a miracle case and had been cured! But, alas, the celiac beast returned with a vengeance last Thursday, and I’ve returned to a gluten-free lifestyle.

So, I figured there was no time like the present to start kicking sugar from my life as well. I’m going to take it easy. Eliminating sugary snacks first and then after a couple of days of that, I’ll start weaning myself from added sugar one meal at a time. I’ll keep my natural sugars because I LOVE fruit, but I’d like to reduce the added sugars in my diet as much as possible.

And for the exercise… I am THE WORST at exercising. I used to be awesome at it. Working out 5 days a week with cardio and weight training. I was fit and healthy and could eat anything I wanted. And I know A LOT about fitness. I just have chosen not to use any of that knowledge at all in recent years. But I really hate the gym. I find it nearly impossible to be motivated there. I much prefer to be outside walking or riding a bike, but I’ve even been bad about that. I know how horrible this is, especially since I have a little boy that I want to live long enough to see grow AND that I need to be a positive role model for. So, since I’m focusing on change, I’ve decided to tackle this 10-week home workout plan. There are no weights or special machines needed; just me and my body weight. Which, to be honest, is plenty.

Hopefully, today is the start of me being a better blogger, a better eater, and a better exerciser. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

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  1. Wanna make it a challenge? I printed off the work out plan and Caroline and I have done Monday. Think you can keep it up longer than me? It took about 10 minutes for me and I added a couple more arm exercises.

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