Make Your Own Chemical-Free Body Wash

At my new job, I do a lot of research culling content to share with our social media community. As a result, I learn a lot (probably more than I really want to know!) about the contents and chemicals in the products that we all use every day. Lately, I’ve been really interested in my shower products — body wash, conditioner, and shampoo — and have been trying to find the purest, healthiest options available. After pricing out commercial options, that means making them myself. 

I’ve never fallen in love with a specific body wash or hair care brand, so it makes it easy for me to try new things. But, because my skin is pretty sensitive, I have to be careful of the products I use. In recent years, I haven’t been as cautious as I should be (expect with my face care products) and have just dealt with the itchiness and dryness by slathering on lotion. So, when I found a supposedly moisturizing DIY body wash recipe, I figure I’d give it a try. Kicking out the chemicals while concocting an at-home remedy sounded like a great way to spend a Tuesday evening!

Because I never really follow a recipe, even when I cook, I crafted my own body wash recipe based on the research I had done over the past few months. It was super easy and I had all the necessary ingredients in my bathroom closet and kitchen pantry. 

DIY body wash

My first attempt at the body wash was a small batch. I used 1/2 cup measures for the 1 part ingredients (honey and coconut oil) and 1 cup measures for the castile soap. I didn’t want to make a huge batch in case it didn’t work out all that well. 

As it turns out, this stuff is awesome! I used it for three days before trying out a new wash that came in my monthly Birchbox. The three days I used my DIY wash were wonderful. My skin felt hydrated and smooth, making lotion unnecessary. The one day I used the Birchbox sample, my skin was instantly itchy and dry. It was so bad that I had to take another shower with my DIY body wash to make it stop.  After I saw those results, I made a big batch using 1 cup each of honey and coconut oil an 2 cups of castile soap. 

Because I used a scented castile soap, I didn’t add any essential oils to the mix. My wash has a light lavender-honey scent which I really enjoy. But if you choose to use an unscented castile soap, feel free to add your favorite essential oils to add a little aromatherapy to your morning routine. 

DIY body wash

With this body wash, you’ll need to shake it before use. As you can see in the photo on the left, the ingredients will separate as they sit on your shower shelf. But a few shakes and the wash reconstitutes easily. It won’t be as thick as the washes you’re used to, and it won’t foam up as much because there are no artificial surfactants (chemicals that make soap foamy). But it will moisturize your skin like no other!

My next DIY is shampoo. We’ll see how that goes!


  1. Ok, I feel silly asking this, but does your skin not get sticky with the honey? Sounds awesome though!

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