I’m thankful for him

In 1988, a wise woman sang a song praising the virtue of diversity in relationships. Her sassy voice sang, “Things in common / Just ain’t a one / But when we get together / We have nothin’ but fun … We come together / Cuz opposites attract.”

“Opposites Attract” seems to be the theme song for my marriage. Our closest friends regularly remark how my husband and I have so little in common. We come from different worlds; I’m a Yankee in every way, and he’s a Southerner through and through. We have different interests; He’s an accomplished hunter, and I can’t even imagine killing something. We have different personalities; I’m tightly wound, and everything seems to just roll off his back. I like trashy reality TV shows, and he watches every show ever created about the military and the Navy SEALS. I like to read and write, and he only “reads” books on audio. But somehow, through all this, we found each other, got married, had a baby, and find happiness every day. (Well, most days.)

My husband helps me gain perspective. I tend to react emotionally. With a lot of passion. When someone hurts my feelings or slights me in some way, I take it personally. He helps me remember that not everything is a personal affront. He reacts with rational logic which balances my emotional responses. And my emotions temper his logic, so it works out nicely.

My husband reminds me to laugh. And he makes it easy to do so. When I’m angry or frustrated, he does something silly that he knows will lighten the mood and make me smile. He knows just what to say or do to make me laugh, and he doesn’t hesitate to do so.

My husband takes care of things. It may not be on my schedule or as quickly as I would like it to be done, but he gets it done. He mows the lawn and fills the dishwasher and does laundry and repairs things that are broken. As an independent woman, I’m capable of doing all of those things. But it’s nice having someone who can help out in the everyday things.

My husband loves me in a way that no other has loved me before. He’s one of my closest friends, and I turn to him for advice and support in all things. He treats me as an equal and has no illusions of what women should or shouldn’t do around the house and in life. He holds the door for me, but I hold it for him as well. He expects me to kill spiders and such just as he does. (Actually, I wish he’d ALWAYS kill the spiders and such.) He makes me laugh and forces me out of my comfort zone.

Most days, he and I couldn’t be more different. We have different passions and different personal goals. We have different friends (save for a few) and we have different hobbies. But, as Paula says, “Nothing in common but this trust / I’m like a minus, he’s like a plus / One going up, one coming down / But we seem to land on common ground.” And every day I’m thankful for him being in my life.

This is the second post in my 52 Weeks of Gratitude series. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Very nice! Sometimes it can be difficult but mostly it can be wonderful!

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