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My 30 Day Blogging Challenge is drawing to a close, and waaaaaay back on the 8th day of this challenge I set a goal to explore more creative pursuits. Saturday, I painted a new hanging for our front door. And yesterday? YesterdayI actually pulled out my camera and actually went outside while James was napping and took photographs. I didn’t even pull out my iPhone once. All the pictures were taken with a real actual camera! Of course, the baby monitor died halfway through my time outside, so I brought the camera back inside and attempted to capture some shots inside. 

Of course, the most interesting thing in our house right now is James’ collection of stuff. We try to keep it contained, but it’s pretty much everywhere. I captured some shots that warm this momma’s heart that may even end up as artwork in his room. The important thing is that I took time today to do something that

The important thing and the really big win is that I took time today to do something that fulfilled me and nourished a part of me that had been fading away. I’m excited to renew my passion for photography and get reacquainted with the camera that was once an extension of my arm. 

books and shoes



I love that the vintage toys that I played with when I was a little girl are making a comeback. They’re bright and vibrant and fun. Of course right now he chews on their pull strings more than anything, and he has no clue what a telephone on a string is. But they’re still fun. They make him laugh and smile which makes us laugh and smile. 

This is the twenty-seventh post in my 30 Days of Blogging series! Want to join in on the fun?

30 days of blogging

I went off course with the today’s blogging topic, but the important thing is that I blogged. 🙂



  1. Love the pictures!

  2. I remember these toys! I’m glad you got back to taking photos and that you blogged.

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