More Dietary Distress

It’s been almost a year since my Celiac diagnosis. It’s been an interesting twelve months with lots of learning and making mistakes and feeling frustrated and eventually finding success. And, just when I’m getting the hang of things, my body decides to slap me in the face and throw me another curveball. 

Things had been going along rather swimmingly, and I had started losing the weight I’d gained since going gluten-free. (Now that my body was absorbing nutrients like a normal person, the pounds had found a comfortable place to stay. Namely, my thighs and my belly. Sigh …) But I was noticing that I was feeling some of my pre-Celiac symptoms again — bloating, being irregular, loss of appetite, general rumbly tumbly-ness, popping the Tums like they’re candy — but I was being careful about letting gluten sneak into my food. I tried to blame my salt intake for the bloating, but I had a sneaking suspicion that dairy was the culprit. After some research, I realized that gluten and dairy intolerance often go hand in hand. The weird thing was that I can eat yogurt and cheese without issue, but milk and ice cream (oh, ice cream! Why do you betray me?!) were a pretty big problem. But it could also be the peanut butter I eat every day, or any of the million other possible sneaky culprits. I knew something needed to be done. 

My brother-in-law (bless his heart) is into the Paleo thing, and he recently finished a 30-day body reset. The whole thing seemed like some voodoo mumbo-jumbo (Reset your body? Come on now!), but I’m starting to come around. I know that something is messing me up and, while I pray to God every day it’s not dairy, I need to do something to figure it out. I need to feel better, and, while I hate to give my brother-in-law credit for anything (we have a lovely non-stop banter), I think this is the route I need to take. I’ve got the DH on board, so having the support in the house will make it easier. 

The hardest part of the 30-Day reset will be the following:

1.) No white potatoes or tomatoes. Since I have an auto-immune disease, I need to go on a slightly stricter path which eliminates all members of the nightshade family. Thankfully, sweet potatoes are still on the menu!

2.) No corn. Which means no popcorn, which is the real issue here. 

3.) No alcohol. At all. Of any kind. With the school year ramping up to wind down AND my looking-for-a-job stresses, this one could be tough. 

4.) No dairy of any kind. While a potential dairy intolerance is the impetus for this reset, I know that cheese doesn’t bother me. And taking cheese away? That bothers me!


But I’m putting on a happy and determined face. It’s only 30 days. After that, I can start reintroducing things I love into my life. Like popcorn. And whiskey. And cheese. Hopefully I’ll experience some positive results that will make a 30-day torture session worth it. 

We’ll see. 

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