Fried Green Tomatoes – Gluten free style!

Fried Green Tomatoes - Gluten Free!

I’m a northerner. More specifically, an Upstate New Yorker. Before moving south almost a decade ago, I had never had fried chicken. After living in the south for the better part of a decade AND marrying a southern boy, I’ve become accustomed to the prevalence of fried things in my…

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Welcome back to my life, Banana Bread!

Watching and waiting

One of the things I miss the most about being gluten-free is baking. I’m no master cook, but I do love to bake treats. It’s how I show I love people: with food. Given that I was diagnosed right before the wedding and then the school year started up almost…

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Pancake Muffins

I saw some pancake muffins on Pinterest and, of course, forgot to pin it. But I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to put together, so I attempted it this morning. My trial-and-error attempt worked out okay, but I’ll definitely make some changes next time.  I made my typical pancake…

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Homemade doggy treats!

  With a house of three dogs (but only two at the current moment. Yellow Dog is off at boarding school.), it’s always a challenge to find tasty treats that aren’t filled with garbage that are also affordable. Too many of the dog snacks out there are just gross. And,…

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Banana Coconut Upside Down Cake

JD and I have slipped into a nice little rythym around the house on weekends. At some point on either Saturday or Sunday, when we are making our “weekend” meal, I bake a dessert for the week. Our “weekend” meal is the one “big” meal we make each weekend. We…

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Wha … wha … what? Whiskey tomato soup!

whiskey tomato soup

  Last week I attempted to make soup from scratch. For the first time in my life. I’m much more of a baker than a cook (and certainly not a butcher or a candlestick maker!), but I had a version of whiskey tomato soup last fall in Annapolis, and I…

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Popping Corn

Recently, Kiki posted one of her HYSTERICAL kitchen disasters which included popcorn. I, personally, LOVE popcorn. It was the first thing I ever cooked on my own. It’s the only thing I consistently cook well. When I first made it for JD, he was confused as to why I was…

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