Bar Soap for a Dog? For Real?

pablo (1)Bath time with one dog is so much easier than bath time with three dogs. In fact, without the dog-funk multiplied by three, I sometimes totally forget to even give Pickles a bath. He’s small and shorthaired, so he can carry a lot of funk before we notice. But, man oh man, when we notice, we REALLY notice. We’ve always used traditional store-brand doggie soaps and have never really been impressed with the results. Pickles is prone to anxiety-induced dandruff, so we like to use a moisturizing shampoo on him. But all of those oatmeal soaps have never seemed to do much.

So, when a friend suggested Tippett Creek Dog Soap, I figured, “Hey, why not?” The ingredients are natural oils and essential oils, and it’s fragrance-free. (It may seem counter-intuitive to use oil to clean, but how do you think the Romans cleaned themselves?!) Dogs have a tendency to lick themselves while being bathed, and knowing that I’m using a soap with the least amount of chemicals is preferable. Especially when he’s going to go roll around on the carpet where my son plays.

Tippett Creek Dog Soap

Locally-made and sustainably-sourced

I have to admit it. When I received my bar of locally made (right here in the Triangle of North Carolina!) Tippett Creek Dog Soap I was skeptical. Really skeptical. I mean, a bar of soap to wash a dog? Come on, that’s not going to work. How am I going to lather up a wiggly pup with a bar of soap? To my surprise, the bar lathered quite easily and made for just the right amount of bubbles. I used our scrubbing mitt to get deep into his coat, and I was shocked at the amount of hair and debris that wound up in our sink. I’ve given a lot of dog baths in my time, but I’ve rarely seen that amount of shed!

When I first opened the bar and smelled it, it did have a faint scent of licorice due to the blend of oils. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but it wasn’t off-putting either. But, after rinsing the soap away, there was no lingering scent on Pickles’ coat. And boy was his coat shiny and soft!!

One thing that I noticed was that the bar of soap seems to diminish in size rather quickly. Perhaps I was overzealous in my use, but after Pickles’ first bath with the bar, it had decreased in size by at least ¼. I’m new to bar soap for dogs, so this may be normal. And, honestly, I’ve never paid attention to how much liquid soap I used to use since it came in such a big bottle. But, given how shiny and clean Tippett Creek Dog Soap made Pickles’ coat, I’m okay with going through soap a little more quickly.


Look at that squeaky-clean face!

Now that we have a baby in the house, dog soap is honestly not a top priority for me. I want something that will clean our dog’s coat, leave him looking healthy, and won’t fill me house with unnecessary chemicals. But I don’t want to have to work hard at it because I have too many other things to think about. Tippett Creek Dog Soap seems to be the solution for that. It effectively cleaned my pup without making me work to hard. And, honestly, that’s what it’s all about these days!

All views expressed in this post are mine, and mine alone. They are not representative of my employer(s) or collaborative partner(s). I received a free sample in exchange for my honest review. 

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