About Me

Welcome! And thank you for visiting! What you’ve happened upon (intentionally or not) are the personal musings of, as the web address says, a yankee in rebel clothes. And, since you’ve stayed around long enough to read this, here are a few things about me …

I’m MaryBeth, a New Yorker (Ithaca is Gorges, after all!) by birth and a southerner by choice. I migrated south after 24 years in the North, and the weather made me stay.

I’m a former teacher (12 years!) and a social media hound, loving pretty much all things digital. I’m the mother of one lazy dachshund and one beautiful baby boy who isn’t lazy in the least! In fact, my days are filled with chasing him around as he army-crawls endlessly around the house!

I’m have Celiac, and much of my life now revolves around finding gluten-free options to replace all the things I loved to eat before. And, let me tell you, I. LOVE. To. Eat. Food and dining is definitely my passion, and, I’m working hard to not let Celiac’s throw too much of a wrench into that. I used to love to bake. Food is how I show my love. And, adjusting everything to be gluten-free is proving to be a challenge that keeps me busy. Any successful recipes I stumble upon or recreate will certainly be shared here.

I’m also a wife, a mom, a wannabe crafter, an aspiring photographer, and a TV junkie (Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards…). You can expect to find all these things here at any given time. I hope you enjoy!

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